Auriat Supreme [Pink Noni]

Pink Noni is naturally grown in Australia and our juice is not produced or available anywhere else in the world.

Pink Noni is produced from the new exclusive noni(Morinda citrifolia) variety 'Allright'. It has been granted Plants Breeders Rights(PBR) so has PBR Protection.  It has a milder taste and smell.  There is no added water.  It contains no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or added sugars.  A pinkish variety similar to the different colours of the Grapefruit or Guava.  It can be mixed with your favourite juice or drink.

Feel and be special by being one of the lucky few to first take Pink Noni Juice.  If you believe in folk or traditional health alternatives, then try PInk Noni Juice.

A Respected & Outstanding Indigenous Pastor has called Pink Noni Juice the "Champagne" of noni juices.

Lady Stella Chan now only drink Pink Noni Juice "as it has a more acceptable taste..and still gives me all the benefits of drinking noni juice."

Very limited numbers of Pink Noni juice in  glass bottles are available.  Limited numbers of Pink Noni trees.

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