Improve your Direct Response Marketing

I have listed below a number of proven techniques that will make your direct marketing messages more powerful and profitable for your business:

•   Headline > ensure that you develop a headline that instantly engages your readers and gets them excited about your offering
•   Sub-Headline > consider using a testimonial to support your headline
•   Bullet Points > highlight the customer benefits of your offer not the features
•   Sentences > use short sentences of two to three lines per paragraph
•   Johnson Box > create a box (bold coloured borders) with your compelling message and call to action
•   Indent > your paragraph for emphasis and to highlight that section
•   Whitespace > make sure your marketing copy has lots of white space
•   Highlight > use larger size fonts, boldface, underline and italics
•   Call to Action > this is an absolute must have to increase your response rate, make this clearly stand out for your prospective customer

PS: Use a P.S. (postscript) > reiterate the key benefit with your call to action.

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