PMZ Marketing Web Business Clients: How To Add a TweetMeme button to your Blog

Adding a TweetMeme button to your blog posts is a great way to encourage "retweeting" of your content via the Twitter social network.

The standard TweetMeme button includes a count of how many times your blog post has been retweeted already, plus a clickable "retweet" button for your visitors to quickly and easily share a link to the content.

In just 3 easy steps, you can integrate a TweetMeme button with your blog - let's get started.

Step 1. Edit your Blog Post Layout

Navigate to Admin > More Customization Options > Blog Layouts and select the "Blog Post Layout".

To insert the necessary code, you'll want to switch over to the HTML mode of the online editor.

Step 2. Insert the code

Once you're in HTML mode, scroll to the bottom of the page and insert the following code:

Click here for a version you can easily Copy & Paste.

Replacing "" with your actual domain. Make sure not to remove "http://" from the beginning of the url= parameter, as this will cause the button to function incorrectly.

Step 3. Save the layout

Once you've insert the code, save the layout then switch over to the front-end of your site to see the button in action.

You can find out more about the TweetMeme button and some of it's more advanced customization options at:


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