PMZ Marketing Web Business Clients: Adding a Facebook Like Button To Your Blog Posts

Adding a Facebook "Like" button to your blog posts is a great way to encourage social media sharing within your community and spread your content across the web.

What's even better is that it takes just seconds to implement.

Step 1. Go More Customization Options > Blog Layouts and select the layout you'd like to render the button on.

If you'd like the button to be included in your list of blog posts rendered by {tag_postlist}, select the "Blog Post List Layout".

Alternatively, if you'd only like the button to display once the user has clicked through to the detailed view of your blog post, select the "Blog Post Details Layout".

Step 2. Switch over to HTML mode, scroll to the bottom of the page and insert the following code:

<!-- Facebook Like Button BEGIN --> <iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="{tag_permalinkonly}&layout=standard&show_faces=false&width=450&action=like&colorscheme=light&height=35" style="border: medium none; overflow: hidden; width: 450px; height: 35px;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> <!-- Facebook Like Button END -->

Replacing "" with your site's actual domain.

Step 3. Save the layout, and you're done

You can find out more about the Facebook "Like" button and it's advanced customization options at:


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