New Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Campaign Templates


New Responsive Email Templates Made Easy

Sending marketing emails is a great way to engage with new or existing customers, however, making sure your email looks great on all devices can be challenging. Not any more.

  • Duplicate Content Modules - When creating an email there are often times that you may want to use the same layout multiple times. This can be easily achieved in the visual editor by duplicating a module.
  • Re-order Content Modules - Once a content module has been duplicated it can moved up or down within all other modules of the same type.
  • Edit Text and Links - Easily edit text and links in a WYSIWYG editor without breaking the code.
  • Fully Responsive - All modules have been coded so that they look great on Internet connected devices (i.e. desktop computers, notebooks, tablet computers, iPads, Android mobile phones and iPhones. Similar to how a website layout adapts to the screen size, our email templates change the layout based upon the size of the screen the email is viewed on. No more shrunken images and text on mobile email clients.

We have Pre-built Email Templates ready for your use or we can create customised  branded templates using these layouts. We have created 4 beautiful responsive email templates to get you started. If you are an existing PMZ Marketing client and would like us to implement the pre-built email templates or you would like us to customise the look to fit into your branding, just submit your request on our Contact Us form or call 0403 436 889.

Want your own template layout?

By building the template into small modules we can create a custom template just for you. All you have to do is let us know what modules you would like to use and it what order. We will then create the template and place it within the admin of your website to use.

  1. Header
  2. Logo
  3. Image
  4. Main Headline
  5. Text
  6. Call to Action
  7. Box Text
  8. Two Column Text
  9. Three Column Text
  10. Image + Caption
  11. Caption + Image
  12. Two columns Image + Caption
  13. Three columns Image + Caption
  14. Box Quote
  15. Divider
  16. Social

Get your email templates customised for a variety of different campaigns

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