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Patrick Zuluaga - Monday, August 23, 2010
We can easily observe that people love and are incredibly engaged with interesting web videos.

We can harness the exceptional persuasive power of videos with video that is benefit-oriented and with real entertainment value.

Web video that is entertaining and relevant to the audience is most likely to be shared with their own network of business colleagues and friends using social media like FaceBook and Twitter.

What is your view and your own experiences with using video to engage with your own audience?

Bob Fitzgerald commented on 31-Aug-2010 12:09 PM
Web video, like any form of content, has to be planned and crafted to fulfill a very specific purpose in order to be effective.

Many clients come to me a say that they want a video to promote their business. After some questioning, I'm usually able to get to the desired "call to action" that the video needs to create. Having set the goal its a matter of working backwards to design and produce the video. Online video is part of a marketing conversion cycle, it needs to be properly planned and executed within the overall marketing strategy to be effective. Its really important to consider where a video to be placed and viewed eg on company website, on a social networking site on a blog. Each may require differnt video versions to be effective. For example its been shown that TV commercials don't produce results when played on the internet, that's because they have been designed for a different medium (TV) and the "call to action" for a TV commercial is likely wrong for the web.

While almost everyone would be familiar with popular "user generated" videos typically things like the cat playing the piano, the most successful business web videos are always professionally created and produced.

With business video its not about how many plays it gets, its about how many customer conversions it gets. If a video converts 30% of its viewers and yet gets only 1000 downloads then that's 300 new customers that its generated and that may be considered to have met the ROI target.

Professional web video producers measure their success by how well their production did in generating business for their clients. When you are thinking to hire a video producer a good question to ask them is how they measure success.

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