Patrick Zuluaga - 09 July 2017
Google’s Knowledge Panel Adds “Posts"

by Marc Charette - Google Trusted Photographer

We all know how important Google is for search and for most business owners who’ve clued in to

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Google My Business knowledge panel, it’s become possibly the single most important digital asset for your business in organic local search.

But what if you could able to publish a mini-blog right on Google search? Think of it like a Twitter post that can be seen as part of your listing info.

Have you claimed (or verified) your business on Google yet?

Firstly, you must have claimed your Google My Business page. If not, start with that. You can’t post if you’ve not claimed. If you have already claimed your Google My Business page, sign in and have a look at the menu options on the right hand side. If you’ve not claimed your business on Google, then you have NO control over how you are represented Google My Business - not good! This is priority #1!

You’re signed in & ready to publish your first post on Google My Business (GMB).

To start your first post, simply click on ‘Posts’ and fill in the following parts:

  • A 720px photo to help clearly represent the post’s subject
  • A 4-6 word title
  • Write your post (max 300 words) with a key focus on the first 15 words. That’s all that will show up before clicking through
  • Decide on what to link
  • Options include: Learn More, Buy, Book Now etc.

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(*Pro Tip: If you want your post to last longer than the default 7 -10 days, make your post an event that lasts as long as you want it to be live for. At this stage we don’t know what the time limit is as Google has yet to disclose this.)

Finally, preview your post by clicking on the upper right corner of post creation tool to see that it’s exactly how you want it to display and if ready, click create post to publish it.

The two most powerful words...

A call to action truly is a powerful and particularly useful way to increase conversions. My favourite of all, is Learn More

Remember, when it comes to local search, never underestimate the power of Google's search.

For more information on Google My Business, commercial photography & Street View virtual tours, feel free to get in touch.

Marc Charette
Google Trusted Photographer
0424 357 118

Google’s Knowledge Panel Adds “Posts"

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