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Ausmag Media is a sales office in Australia for CD, DVD and VHS packaging made in China by our parent company. Quality is assured.

Buying from Ausmag Media, you can get manufacturers price in china with a local contact in large volumes or small quantities at best price. There is no middle man between.

CD & DVD Disc Printing

Ausmag Media is an independent professional disc printing service provider offering in-house offset printing, silk screen printing and thermal printing.

Our offset printer is capable of printing up to 4800 CD/DVD discs per hour*, and our silk screen printer is capable of printing up to 3600 discs per hour*.

*After all prepress and set up

Packing Service

Ausmag Media offer a disc packing service, providing both automated machine packing for regular jobs, and hand packing for the more unusual jobs.

CD & DVD Recycling

 We will make the disc un-readable in our factory in Seven Hills and then send the discs to China to be processed and the polystyrene and the metals saved and recycled into new products.

Large Format Poster Printing

We provide large format poster printing. The poster size can be 1.25m wide and up to 20 meters long.

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