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PMZ Marketing helps clients collect research data from customers through surveys and polls.

Polls are generally short, informal and easily collected via the client’s website. Surveys, however, are more formalised and of a reasonable length. We have the capability to design a questionnaire on behalf of the client and use competitions as a motivator for consumers to take the survey.

In combination with competitions, surveys are a powerful sales and database collection tool.  

Gain Business Intelligence

Organizations conduct surveys to discover answers to questions they may have about their audience. These questions are diverse, and vary widely depending on how you plan to apply the data to your survey and what data-driven decisions you will make as a result of the data acquired.

Four critical reasons for organizations to conduct surveys:

  1. To Discover What's Going On - In a non-threatening survey environment your organization will learn about what motivates survey respondents and what's important to them.
  2. To Provide An Opportunity To Discuss Key Topics With Your Target Population - Communicating with respondents about your survey topic allows for deeper insight into your survey problem, and can shed light on topics related to your survey problem within a larger context. 
  3. To Prioritize Your Actions Based on Objective Data - Rather than relying on subjective "gut feelings" you can gather objective information to make sound data-driven decisions. Therefore, you can immediately address issues that are important, rather than deploying resources on things that no one cares about. 
  4. To Provide a Benchmark - Surveying provides a "snapshot" of your target population and their attitudes about your survey problem. This helps you to establish a baseline from which you can compare whether target population attitudes and perceptions relative to the survey problem are getting better or worse over time.
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