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An affiliate partner program is a "pay for performance reseller program" that uses the power of the Internet to quickly generate leads and sales. It is a popular method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every online sales order, web visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through their efforts.

Affiliate websites provide advertising and promotional space for your products and services, and then payment to your affiliates is based on pre-defined performance criteria through sales, leads, clicks, registrations or a combination of these.

The technology inside PMZ Marketing eCommerce application platform, allows the full tracking of any click through or any transactions. When a visitor clicks on the link of one of your Affiliates websites, and then makes a purchase or fills out a form, a fee or commission is added inside the Affiliate management system you can then decide how and when you will pay your affiliates for the leads or sales generated from their effort.

PMZ Marketing Affiliate Partner Program Provides:

  • Affiliate partner program set-up
  • Affiliate recruitment & sign-up
  • Program tracking & management
  • Program reporting

PMZ Marketing provides:

  • Experienced marketing and sales professionals to find your partners
  • Technology to automatically calculate commissions
  • Real-time online tracking and reporting for your online web business presence
  • Sophisticated security protocols
  • Business guidelines specifically developed for your program
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