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Brochures and catalogues usually come into play so that customers can make an educated buying decision. The choice of brochure and design for your catalogue is critical to turning potential customers into paying customers.

The goal is to get potential customers to pick up brochures and be moved from a one point sales process to a buying decision. This can be facilitated by a sales person but frequently the buying decision is made by the customer alone – the sale is driven by the brand value proposition and consumer benefits working with an attractive and functional design for your brochures and catalogues.

While catalogues have impulse purchasing value, they target the consumer that is ready to buy now, and as such is more tactical in nature than the brochure, and presentation of the product offerings make all the difference.

PMZ Marketing provides clients with an end-to-end brochure and catalogue design solution that includes:

  • Mapping strategic and tactical sales plan
  • Sales copy writing
  • Brochure and catalogue design
  • Collaborative editorial workflow to ensure efficient production and delivery of regular catalogues
  • Co-ordinating production and distribution
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