Autoshine Waterless Carwash

Autoshine Waterless Carwash is made of "space-age" polymers, fine-grade carnauba wax, pumas and other special ingredients. It’s easy to use, saves time, and it’s very cost effective.

Most of all, it conserves precious water. This "all in one" product can wash, polish and protect your car without using water. When used correctly, Autoshine will effortlessly produce a deep "wet look" shine without a scratch or blemish!

You are probably saying to yourself, "yeah right". So did we until we saw it and used it ourselves. It has been used to clean multi-million dollar airplanes, $100,000 exotic cars, as well as, thousands of "everyday" vehicles in the U.S alone.

This product can be used almost anywhere, anytime within it's limitations. You can use it in the sun or in the shade, as long as the surface is dry and it's not excessively soiled. It should only be used on non-porous surfaces.

Autoshine Waterless Carwash is used on airplanes, boats, jet ski's, helicopters, cars, diesel trucks, motorcycles, and even surfboards.

Autoshine Waterless Carwash is much more than just a car wash and polish, it is also a sealant. It protects any non-porous surface and makes them “smoother”.

This makes it harder for environmental fallout, vehicle emissions, hard water spots, and any other foreign debris to stick to your car’s paint. Your car’s exterior surface is slipperier and therefore stays cleaner for a longer period of time.

If you still think it’s impossible to Dry wash your vehicle, then you have a few options, read our amazing testimonials and place your order today to try Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash for yourself. The results will simply amaze you.

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