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Be-Sure is based on the NSW Central Coast and provides services throughout NSW.We are dedicated to helping businesses:

  • Identify occupational health and safety risks
  • Create a safer environment for employees, clients and third parties
  • Decrease potential for liability
  • Reduce numbers of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Lower associated downtime and costs
  • Demonstrate legal and regulatory compliance
  • Implement systems that add maximum value with minimal business disruption
  • Produce reporting capabilities that can be used for Insurance and Accounting purposes

Be-Sure provides a complete OHS Management System or any components of an overall system. To ensure you meet your legal obligations as an employer or business manager. Policies, Procedures and Safe Working Procedures can be developed depending upon your requirements.

Be-Sure provides fire equipment in accordance with Australian Standards. Be-Sure provides inspection, testing, servicing and maintenance of all fixed and portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reel systems, fire blankets, hydrant systems, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and detection systems.

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