The Brain Rewired

Carl Wilson has for over 25 years stood before groups of people, people that wanted to listen and observe and people that only wanted to be heard.  He has always applied a management style drawn from emotional intelligence, and involved attendees with his style as a facilitator.  The groups have been either;

  • Design teams be it engineering, creative, symbolic or directional, or,
  • Confrontational, those groups that have concerns and what to tell a person that appears in authority what they are concerned about, and even
  • Families that are looking to move on and want to trust the person they are looking at when selling their property.
No matter the situation, whether it’s as a;
  • Key Note Speaker,
  • Breakfasts Sessions,
  • Workshops,
  • Business Training Programs tailored for you,

His experience and energy will motivate and stimulate all that attend.  Everyone will be excited, committed and energised to undertake work and their next phase of their training.

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