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Special Package Offer - 3 Books for $49.95 (Save $27.90)

Survival to Success – How to Play and Win the Game of Life (Normally $29.95)

This book bridges the gap from where we are now to where we wish to be. It explains the laws of nature in a way that piece together the puzzle we call life. With this knowledge comes the power to ensure success in everything we undertake. That success will bring happiness, wealth and satisfaction.

Business Bullseye – How to Succeed in Business (Normally $32.95)

This book provides readers with clear and concise answers on what it takes to make their business a success. It goes beyond the traditional bookkeeping activity of measuring past performance, putting a couple of ads in the paper and hoping things will work out. It takes the guesswork out of running a business and shows readers how to create a clear and unimpeded path forward to making their plans a reality.

How to Choose an Accountant – Your Most Valuable Team Member (Normally $14.95)

Your accountant is the member of your team who views your business from the outside, helping you notice all the important things that you can’t see, or let slip by, while you are busy running your business. Your accountant is a business mentor, your silent partner, your financial advisor; the person in whom you can confide the inner secrets of your business in absolute confidence. Whatever secrets you have, your accountant has seen it all before!

About the Author - Allan Mason has always had the determination to be successful and have financial freedom. From a middle class background, Allan grew up watching his hard-working father oscillate from success to failure to success and then failure without the knowledge of business or life that are vital to retaining long lasting success.


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