Club Kidpreneur

Our purpose is to foster entrepreneurial behaviour in kids in order to:

  •   Enhance their initiative, responsibility and ability to learn from failure
  •   Give perspective on business and the value of money
  •   Have kids consider entrepreneurial endeavour as a career choice
  •   Encourage kids to be inspired, informed and involved in micro business ventures

What are they learning?

Education is at the heart of the Club Kidpreneur experience. Teachers’ notes and a full literacy pack including worksheets and fun student activities are available to primary and secondary schools.

The education aims of Club Kidpreneur are to:

  •   Encourage kids to expand their knowledge of business
  •   Expose kids to the business environment by assisting them with a business learning framework
  •   Assist and navigate kids business journey through the use of the Kidpreneur website and additional resources
  •   Reflect upon their own learning
  •   Share their skills and knowledge with peers, teachers and members of the wider community
  •   Assist teachers & educators in catering for National Financial Literacy Outcomes for their students, HSIE Stage 2 outcomes & English outcomes
  •   Enable teachers to implement a relevant literacy unit which can help facilitate a class Shared Reading, Guided Reading or Independent Reading program.
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