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The primary objective of the Greater Toukley Vision Association is to market and promote the Greater Toukley area for the benefit of the local business community.

What Services does Greater Toukley Vision Perform?

Festivals and Events

The Greater Toukley Vision develops and coordinates festivals and events to attract visitors to the area.


Greater Toukley Vision's aim is to promote and develop the Greater Toukley area as a desirable commercial investment opportunity, as an attractive shopping area, and as a vibrant and popular tourist destination.


The Greater Toukley Vision is concerned with providing clean and safe retail precincts for shoppers and visitors. Greater Toukley Vision currently provides supplementary cleaning, gardening and graffiti removal to compliment the existing service provided by Wyong Shire Council.

In conjunction with this initiative the Greater Toukley Vision encourages all business and commercial property owners to do all that they can to make sure their premises are kept clean and tidy.


The Greater Toukley Vision aims to facilitate co-operation between business, government and community bodies for the benefit of the Greater Toukley community.


Greater Toukley Vision keeps the community informed.

Greater Toukley Vision produces a regular newsletter Out 'n About which is distributed to all business owners and local residents. Out 'n About provides updates of events and developments in the Greater Toukley area.

Their regular Lighthouse column appears fortnightly in the Central Coast Express Advocate and promotes new businesses to the area, updates community events and developments.

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