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"InXpress has had a positive impact on our business. Corporate couriers were not providing the price or support our company required. InXpress solves all of this by providing fast and efficient personal support combined with deep discounts for our international and domestic shipments."

My name is Andrew Wang, freight service consultant with Inxpress Australia. We are a freight consulting company. We can help businesses to save money and/or have a better shipping experience.

Our origins began in the United Kingdom, with roots that date back 20 years. The parent company was founded in 1999 and now has over 40 operating units. In 2006, the executive team opened operations in the United States. Inxpress also operates in Australia, New Zealand , Europe, Africa and Asia.

We have helped customers who had an issue with a carrier who claimed that the carrier does not care or has poor customer service. Other customers have benefited from freight savings or their accounting made easier with one invoice system via Inxpress.

At Inxpress, we care and value our customer's feedback and our aim is to create a better shipping experience for our clients.

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