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Knoff Yoga is an intelligent and dynamic approach to Hatha Yoga that incorporates a synergistic mix of 5 traditional elements:

  1. Yoga Meditation (non-religious)
  2. Yoga Breathing (breathing exercises for vitality)
  3. Yoga Postures (anatomically aligned, structurally balanced) 
  4. Yoga Relaxation (how to deal effectively with stress)
  5. Yoga Philosophy (positive, uplifting and life affirming)

Knoff Yoga is beneficial for everyone. It keeps the body flexible while developing useful strength, with long strong muscles and a full range of movement in the joints. The stretching, squeezing and twisting in the postures helps keep internal organs free of toxins and full of oxygenated blood, while ensuring the lymphatic system is pumped and primed to enhance the immune system.

While the breathing exercises ensures the lungs are full of fresh air to develop vitality, they also help keep the nervous system calm and balanced. Relaxation and meditation techniques are essential to learn how to effectively manage stress, while yoga philosophy helps to put life in a balanced perspective..For an even development of body, breath and mind, every class incorporates all 5 elements and your teacher will carefully instruct you using 3 learning modes:

  1. Demonstrating the techniques - you learn by watching
  2. Verbal explanation - you learn by hearing
  3. Lead you through the techniques - you learn by doing

What makes Knoff Yoga unique is the precise way in which the 5 traditional  elements are combined and presented in order to make Hatha Yoga intelligible and achievable. Knoff Yoga is practical, immediately useful and based on the ancient wisdom of the yoga sages.

As long as you are breathing and have reasonable health you can join our Public Classes. To join our Teacher Training Courses, you must have completed a minimum of 2 years of regular practice. If you are injured, have disabilities, or prefer one-on-one instruction, you will benefit from attending either Private Classes or Yoga Therapy.

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