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Latex is a Natural Product

Latex is a natural product which comes from the latex vessels that exist under the bark of the rubber tree. As a natural product, latex has natural elasticity, which provides the balance between comfort and support you experience on a latex mattress. This natural elasticity explains the long life of a latex mattress, between twenty and thirty years. This feature also eliminates loss of firmness, hardness and sagging.

Latex has Natural Anti-Microbial Properties

Latex has natural anti-microbial properties. No fungus, bacteria, dust mite or other unhealthy organisms can live inside a latex mattress. These protective properties exist in the raw state as latex milk inside the rubber tree. If the tree is damaged, the milk forms a protective layer which prevents infection. It is similar to the reaction of injury to the human body.

Designed to Reduce the Environment for Dust Mites to Thrive

Dust mites are a common cause of allergies and asthma. They thrive inside most mattresses and pillows because of the heat we generate during sleep and the moisture that we expel. However, our mattress are "open celled" which allows air to flow through, preventing the collection of heat and moisture. In fact, any movement on the latex mattress ventilates it, making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Latex Mattresses Eliminates Noise due to Spring Mattressess

Due to the absence of interconnected springs, latex mattresses reduce the likelihood of one sleeping partner disturbing the other. Also, the absence of springs eliminates any noise often associated with conventional mattresses.

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