Leading Value

Our vision

To be a catalyst for the creation of a sustainable, harmonious and abundant world through leadership re-education.

Our mission

We use leadership, communication and intuition to inspire individuals, teams and organisations to become magnetic leaders who value people first. Our reputation for authenticity, professionalism and modelling leadership ensures that we are highly sought after and generates personal, professional and financial abundance for our business and all who partner with us.

People refer us because we deliver leading value by listening, seeking first to understand and believing in people. We know we are successful in our mission when those who are drawn to our leadership magnetism grow personally and professionally, becoming wiser, freer, more joyous and more likely themselves to become servant leaders.

Our values

We are a team of authentic, positive and generous people striving to become the best we can be. We live by our values in the pursuance of our vision, they are:  Clear, present, service.

Visit: www.leadingvalue.net or www.uqpower.com.au

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Mobile: 0403 436 889 (Australia)

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