Little Coasties Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

Little Coasties Kindergarten aims to promote a caring and positive atmosphere that creates a warm, happy and secure environment where children can learn and play. We recognise the diversity of our cultural backgrounds, individual personalities and special needs, exercising anti-bias in all areas of the centre.

Our team of experienced and qualified staff guide children's natural motivation to learn by nurturing, encouraging and extending children in all developmental areas. A holistic approach to social, emotional, linguistic, physical and cognitive growth has been adopted.

Our children's experiences are based upon the NSW Emergent Curriculum Framework. This approach incorporates chilidren's individual needs through observation, exploration, experimentation, exercising creativity, and positive interactions. We believe it is important to empower children by offering choice. We place the value on the process of children working at experiences, rather than on a finished product, this enables children to develop a sense of achievement and pride in all experiences.

We recognise that parents are first and most important teachers in children's lives. Therefore open communication and parent involvement within the centre is viewed as invaluable in providing high quality care,

Little Coasties Kindergarten operates upon the basic values of love, trust and relationships with one another.

Our Goal

To ensure high quality care, by fostering a home-like environment, embracing partnerships with families and endeavouring to develop caring relationships through warm interactions, consistency and continuity of care.

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