Marthakal Homelands Resource Centre

Since incorporation (1986), a foundational and integral part of MHRC has been the desire to ‘seek and or provide training’ for the members of the community, as a means of increasing their capacity and ability to manage, control and create business opportunities. The role has been an official part of Marthakal operations since 1998/ 1999, when it became a service provider as part of the Federal Government, Community Development Employment Program (CDEP). Marthakal has expanded with current services & business activities that include health, housing maintenance, municipal services, infrastructure, natural resource management, community development, employment, transportation, business and economic development.

MHRC and Marthakal businesses currently have 65% Yolngu staffing the following organisations: 

  1. Marthakal Homeland Resource Centre was incorporated under the Northern Territory Associations Incorporations Act in October 1986. MHRC executive (Mala) who are representative of the Homelands in the Marthakal homelands area 
  2. Marthakal Business Enterprises Pty Ltd (MBE) 
  3. Marthakal Yolngu Air Pty Ltd (MYA) 

Marthakal Homeland Resource Centre Inc.

  •  Marthakal Administration and Finance Office
  • Marthakal Homeland Health Services
  • Marthakal Employment Services
  • Marthakal Homelands Repairs and Maintenance
  • Elcho Island Arts
  • Gumurr Marthakal Rangers.

Marthakal Homelands Resource Centre

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