SeaVision ROVs

SeaVision supplys a range of underwater ROVs and products for ocean and waterways investigation.

SeaVision is a distributor for SAAB Seaeye underwater vehicles. Seaeye is widely regarded as the leading supplier of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to the offshore oil and gas industry. The vehicles can also be used for security, diver support, salvage and naval tasks as well as for coastal and inshore operators for observation, inspection, environmental work, deep tunnel penetration and survey operations. The Seaeye range currently extends from the portable Seaeye Falcon ROV to the medium work class Panther Plus.

SeaVision is a distributor for the AC-CESS AC-ROV. The AC-ROV is a portable one case system with an intuitive hand-controller and simple setup. The ingress capability, mobility and robustness really set the AC-ROV apart from other systems.


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