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SolaMagic Australia supplies heat and improves quality of life in many outdoor and indoor areas. Our aim is perfect harmony between heat and light.

Our objective is optimum use of highly efficient future oriented, infrared technology in heating. To achieve it, we focus on our customers and their individual needs. Our infrared radiant heaters provide customers with well thought out functionality, discerning design, and a long service life. They are designed to make warmth an emotional experience.

SolaMagic technology was developed in GERMANY by Knoch Licht in 1991, since this time the product has evolved based on creativity and leading technical know how to provide innovative, flexible and reliable heating and lighting solutions for our customers and distributors. Solamagic Australia Pty Limited combines convenience of  Australian manufacture with reliable, quality German technology to provide reliable, durable and quality products to our Australia and New Zealand customers.


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