We are in the final quarter of this calendar year and we are excited to share with you the results of our constant efforts to ensure high levels of performance and reliability.

Many business owners tend to overlook up-times and give cursory interest in the guaranteed up-time for hosted web site until they experience prolonged or multiple failures with hosting provider

However we at PMZ Marketing understand that reliability is one of the main factors in ensuring customer satisfaction with a hosting solution, because downtime means losing revenues and opportunities. As a clear illustration of this understanding, here is a chart of our system performance from the beginning of 2015:

We are looking to continue to deliver similar impressive figures into the future and we thank you for understanding when unexpected events occur.

Nobody can guarantee 100% uptime or not to expect issues. What we will continue to demonstrate is our full commitment to excellency in availability and reliability while delivering new features and functionality with on-going improvements to help your business grow.

Thank you

The Team at PMZ Marketing

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