As a customer or subscriber, you’d have noticed that we’ve been working hard to make it easier to create beautiful emails with PMZ VeMail. In the last few months we’ve given our drag and drop editor a facelift, re-jigged the HTML editor, added an image editor and upgraded all of our templates to be mobile friendly by default.

But personally, this latest release is what’s gotten me the most excited and I think you’ll be pretty excited too. Because the aim of the game is to easily create emails that look great.

And creating beautiful emails has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to our brand new templates and upgraded Files and Images Manager.

Check out our video for a taste of our awesome new templates (all mobile friendly of course) and see how easy the new File Manager is to use.

Want to know more? Read on…

Create beautiful emails with our professionally designed templates

Do your emails need a bit of a refresh? Are they starting to look a bit dated? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for your next campaign!

Well you’re in luck because our recently released 70+ email templates are super easy to customise. Jump into your account to check them out. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have an account just create a free trial to have a look-see.

Plus easily keep your files organised

So what does the upgraded file manager mean for you? Well, the files and images manager is where, you guessed it, you manage all of your uploaded files in your account. Whether they’re images, word documents or PDFs this is where they’re kept and organised.

This overhaul is going to make your life a lot easier. Below are my 4 favourite improvements:

1. Select multiple images (great for bulk deleting / moving images)

2. Save time by dragging files straight into the image manager

3. Easily rename, copy, delete and move files

4. Browse a selection of stock images and buttons that are free for you to use

As you can see there’s been some exciting changes. If you’re an organised nut like me you’ll have fun with this upgrade! Login to your account to check it out.

Want to check out our new templates or File Manager but not a customer? Start free today.

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