Create Impact with Your Own Ads on Wheels

by Patrick Zuluaga, PMZ Marketing [Download Article]

We are in a fast pace world.  People are so busy driving to work and commuting through traffic, stopping to buy refreshments and meals, taking care of errands, parking at different locations and driving back home from work again.

Why not take competitive advantage of this situation by covering your vehicle with your marketing message in the form of an eye-catching advertisement known as a vehicle wrap?  People are always mobile and now with vehicle wrap you can literally keep up with the fast pace world.  A vehicle wrapped with colourful graphics is a welcome sight indeed!

Include your company logo, a slogan and a call to action as part of the body that makes up an interesting and innovative design.  This way you can rest assured that your company will be on people’s minds to further build your brand recognition and retention.  If your call to action is interesting and appealing you will get their attention and action to contact your company.

Vehicle wraps are an innovative method of advertising using 3-dimensional techniques that offers extremely high retention rates among all those who are exposed to your vehicle.

Think outside the square as well, why not park your car in strategic locations with good traffic from both vehicular and pedestrian flow during sporting and community events, carnivals, concerts and other public gatherings?  This is very cost effective advertising that viewers can not turn off unlike print, radio and television.

Vehicle wrap advertising is very cost effective in generating awareness for your company using a visible presence on an otherwise depreciating asset.  So why not make that depreciating asset contribute to your revenue and profit stream?

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