Double your Conversion Rate with 5 Easy Steps

by Patrick Zuluaga, PMZ Marketing [Download Article]

You as a business manager or website owner will have spent and invested money to get web visitor traffic to your site and get your site ranked by Google and Yahoo.

What next? The question that you should be asking from a business standpoint is “How much business are you getting from the web traffic visiting your site?”  Is your money being wasted because your website fails to convert them to a sale or a qualified sales lead?

Almost 95% of all websites on the Internet fail to achieve the conversion rates that their businesses desire.

So what can you do?  I have outlined 5 easy to follow steps to double or even quadruple your conversion rates.  Let’s go thru the steps now!

Step 1 – Determine the key objective for your website

This is the foundation of your success to dramatically increase your site’s conversion rate - simple and self-explanatory. It will allow you to focus on how your website will achieve your objective.  Do you want to capture qualified sales leads? Do you want to build your prospect list? Do you want to sell online?

Now that you have this key objective for your website you will now be able to implement the next steps needed to double or even quadruple your conversion rate.

Step 2 – Develop an offer that is powerful for your web visitors

You must make an offer that is irresistible using AIDA (Attract their Attention, Generate their Interest, Create their Desire and Give them a Call to Action).  You must give them a reason to act and to act now while they are on your webpage.

The offer must be perceived as valuable to your web visitor.  The greater the perceived value of your offer the greater is the likelihood that your web visitors will convert by taking up your offer.

Step 3 – Make your ‘call to action’ visible

Never assume that your web visitor will know what to do next.  Make sure it is obvious by telling them what they need to do next to take up your offer and clearly making it visible to them.  Use action words in your call to action (i.e. more information, buy now, save now, book now, download now, register here) with a web form that is very visible.  Do not make them search for it!

Make sure that your most important call to action/web form is always ‘above the fold’ (visible when a user’s browser screen first appears – no need for the web visitor to scroll down) and preferably positioned on the upper right side.

Step 4 – Dispel their fears

Put yourself in the place of your web visitors – what can you do to substantially reduce their fears in taking up your offer.  You must do this by building credibility and diminishing their perceived risks.  You can do this in many ways!

Depending on your website’s key objective you must provide product/service guarantees or warranties, customer testimonials, free trial periods, demonstrations, return policies, privacy statements and / or case studies.  You should also consider adding different contact methods that will allow the web visitor to contact you in the method that they would feel most comfortable with using.

Step 5 – Measure the conversion rates to improve your sales copy

Make sure you track and measure the conversion rates of your offer.  Fine-tune your sales copy and offer to continually improve your conversion rates.  Remember to sell benefits always and to use emotive language in your sale copy.  Paint a picture for your web visitor deriving the benefits from taking up your offer.

The more perceived value you create in the minds of your web visitor the more likely they are to overcome their fears and take up your offer.

PS> Take action today and double your conversion rate with our 5 easy steps!

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