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by Patrick Zuluaga, PMZ Marketing [Download Article]

You may have heard me speak at seminars or read my articles and I say it again – small and medium sized businesses must always use direct response marketing techniques to get the results you desire.

Purely branding or awareness advertising should be avoided like the plague unless you feel a need to reduce your cash position.

Direct response marketing when properly used has consistently proven itself time and time again historically and in today’s business environment.

The Secret for Success in Direct Response Marketing is your Message.

I wrote an article titled “Stop wasting your Marketing Efforts! Use AIDAWhat is AIDA you might ask?” Visit our Marketing Resource Library read the article and discover the power of AIDA, an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.  It is pure gold and when applied will make your marketing copy writing a winner for your customers and for your business.

In addition, I have listed below a number of proven techniques that will make your direct marketing messages more powerful and profitable for your business:

  • Headline > ensure that you develop a headline that instantly engages your readers and gets them excited about your offering
  • Sub-Headline > consider using a testimonial to support your headline
  • Bullet Points > highlight the customer benefits from your offer not the features
  • Sentences > use short sentences of two to three lines per paragraph
  • Johnson Box > create a box (bold coloured borders) with your compelling message and call to action
  • Indent > your paragraph for emphasis and to highlight that section
  • Whitespace > make sure your marketing copy has lots of white space
  • Highlight > use larger size fonts, boldface, underline and italics
  • Call to Action > this is an absolute must have to increase your response rate, make this clearly stand out for your prospective customer
  • Use a P.S. (postscript) > reiterate the main benefit for taking your call to action

What next? Pickup the last marketing offer you prepared and check it against AIDA and the tips above.  Now rewrite your offer using the information from this article and it will be worth your effort in generating response results for your business the next time you run a campaign.

Apply these guidelines and you will get Better Marketing Results from your marketing efforts.

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