Growing Your Business with Email Marketing & Landing Pages

by Patrick Zuluaga, PMZ Marketing [Download Article]

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Now is the perfect time to map out a plan to grow your business using email marketing combined with landing pages using your website!  By now most of you have looked at search engine marketing to drive traffic to your web sites.  However have you considered generating and driving qualified or interested prospects to your website with traffic that has a much higher probability for sales conversion and creating real sales revenue and business growth?

When you use email marketing as a direct response tool with an attractive offer and a powerful call to action for your targeted customers you will generate real prospects that have a highly probability for sales conversion than traffic generated from search engine activity.

What are some the business benefits of email marketing?  Let me highlight a two of these business benefits:

Extremely Low Cost & High Return on Your Investment

Email marketing is the most cost effective and when used with direct response offers supported by landing pages generates the highest return on your marketing investments.

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Quickly Test Your Marketing Offer to Improve Your Responses

What other marketing or advertising expenditure will allow you to quickly test your message before spending your budget so that you can improve the response?  Only email marketing is that responsive.

Perform a simple A/B test using different Subject Lines and offer Call to Actions with a sub-set of your email mailing list.  Within 48-hours you will know which pulls in a better response rate.  Use the better performing email with the bulk of your targeted email list.

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