Is Your Company’s Website Contributing to Your Business

by Patrick Zuluaga, PMZ Marketing [Download Article]

Perhaps this question has not yet been asked and given the management attention it needs.  Perhaps like many it has been a poor cousin to other marketing and promotional initiatives.  Perhaps we are not yet aware of numerous marketing research studies that demonstrate how important an online web presence is to your business.  Let us understand some of these findings:

  • 80% of potential customers indicate that they typically visit the company’s website before making a purchase decision.
  • 83% of potential customers report that the website holds at least "some influence" over their decision to initiate an initial enquiry with a company.
  • 74% of potential customers said that the company’s website holds at least "some influence" over their decision to purchase from a company.

Think about that for a moment!  Think about how a website’s positive influence on a potential customer to contact you and potentially buy from your business!  We can not afford to underestimate the value of a performing website to your business.Think of your website as the hub for your marketing activities. No matter what marketing or promotional activities you are using — it is driving potential customers to your website.

Your website is the portal clients and prospects are using to learn more about your company and your products. It is the place they go to form an impression of you and whether they should make the effort to contact your business.

You need to ensure that your business has an online web presence to:

  1. Establish that your business meets your markets’ expectations for your industry
  2. Establish that your business is worthy of their consideration
  3. Establish that your credibility over competition

Marketing is an on-going process and a significant percentage of your potential customers are visiting your online web business presence.

Ask these questions of your website:

  • What does your online web presence say about your business?
  • Will your potential customers like what they see and be interested enough contact you to start a discussion with you?
  • Or, will they move on to your competitor's site?
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