Use QR Codes to Obtain Instant Responses for your Direct Mail

by Patrick Zuluaga, PMZ Marketing [Download Article]

QR codes are those square patterns of black arranged on a white background used for mail, advertisements and street signs. QR codes can be scanned and read by smart phones that will take the reader to a website, provide a coupon, or offer directions via Google maps.  The opportunity to use QR codes in your marketing is endless and is driven by an incredible increase in smart phone usage.

QR codes have the capability to increase the response rate of your marketing campaigns exponentially. They are quick and very easy quick to use.  Use your smart phone to simply point and scan.

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Do you need any ideas on how you can use QR codes with your marketing?

Here are ten business ideas to use QR codes with your marketing campaigns:

  1. Use with your print marketing by including a QR code in your brochures, letters and mail to enable readers to connect with a personalised or tailored landing page.
  2. Apply QR codes to provide users with additional information in locations where space is limited and expensive such as print advertising space.
  3. QR codes can be used to give contact information on your business on flyers and business cards.
  4. Grant a special offer that is only available from your QR code as in the above competition entry.
  5. Use with your signage to get your prospects to engage with your company by including QR codes on your posters and outdoor advertisements.QR Code Signage on a passenger bus
  6. Your QR code could be used to present additional product information with a link to a detailed web page.
  7. QR codes could be linked to You-Tube videos to educate your customers on your product’s usage.
  8. Take your customers directly to buy your product with a QR Code linked to the product’s purchase page.
  9. Link to Google maps for your retail locations utilising a QR code for easy reference.
  10. Think about promotional items like shirts, caps, mugs and other items that are convenient surfaces for QR codes.

What are the benefits for businesses using QR codes with their marketing?

  • Extremely quick responses and conversions for traditional offline marketing – your prospects no longer have to write down or type a lengthy URL into their phone browser or computer. All they have to do is use their mobile phone to scan your marketing message literally in their own hands. They get instant access to special offers and other relevant information that would be useful and easily accessed.
  • You are able to track responses easily – this is why QR codes usage is growing. Businesses now have the marketing intelligence to identify what offers are working, who is responding to your offers and to determine response and buying patterns.
  • Leverage on social networks to reach out to new customers - the wow factor drives the potential technology innovators and early adaptors among your target customers who are very likely to share the technology and information with anyone who will listen, creating introductions to potentially new customers.
  • Use premium advertising and marketing space effectively – you do not have to overload your marketing message with information.  You can keep your message short and compelling while using the QR code for your call to action to drive your readers to a dedicated web page with the additional information needed.
  • QR codes are so easy to share - consider QR codes the “word of mouth” vehicle for technology. Prospects can share them with others via their phone or computer. This is where the wow sharing factor play is huge with many ideas for its use in completion style marketing campaigns.

Lastly, you can create your own QR codes for free at a number of QR generator sites such as or  Likewise, you can download QR Code reader apps for your smart phone if not already installed from various Internet sites that are compatible with different manufacturers.

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