Why do Most Small Businesses fail to overcome their Marketing Challenges

by Patrick Zuluaga, PMZ Marketing [Download Article]

A few years ago I published an article titled “Conquer the Top 6 Small Business Challenges”. It remains the most popular article and ranks highly in Google search results. A more recent article “What is Preventing Growth for Small Businesses” dwells into the issues facing small business. In both these articles, I touched on how each of the challenges and issues can be overcome by small business owners and managers.

These articles and a wealth of other literature that can be found on the Internet presumes that the reader whether they are the actual owners or professional managers running the business are committed to resolving the challenges facing them in their own business environments.

Here is the crux of the failure and perhaps the biggest challenge faced by small business. Want to know what it is? – Read on!

In my work as a marketing consultant I have seen this situation many times as it is quite common among small business owners and managers – it is the failure to allocate the necessary time and commit the priority focus to solving their marketing challenges!

This difficulty is logically incomprehensible and yet it is the most challenging obstacle to success for small business.

Think about it for a moment – marketing is business development. If building your business by finding and growing your customers is your biggest challenge would this not be reflected in the time commitment and the allocation of the highest priority? Upon reflection you would think that businesses will work the hours to surmount the difficulties and focus on resolving their challenges – wouldn’t you?

It does not happen as frequently as you would think. This is what makes the difference between small businesses that achieve outstanding success versus those that don’t achieve success – it is the amount of time and effort put into getting on top of the situation and managing the challenges effectively.

There is a saying “People seldom do things to the best of their ability. They do things to the best of their willingness to do so.” The discipline for success comes with choosing what you want most from your business over what you prefer to do.  Action is the overwhelming key ingredient – action to implement, dedication and persistence to run with it to completion.  It is this inaction and lack of commitment to time and focus that derails many a small business from their success potential.

One last point, small business people generally lack the willingness to ask for help. Perhaps the thinking is that asking for help equates to failure. Actually, asking for help or advice is a sound business practise. Learn from others by applying their knowledge and expertise to use within your business. It is sound and smart business practice to ask for help and the assistance needed to overcome your business challenge.

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