Patrick Zuluaga - 28 June 2010
7 Business Development Marketing Tips for Social Media
You would have heard so many marketing experts telling everyone to use socialmedia as part of their promotional marketing mix. The Internet is flooded withinformation on using FaceBook, Twitter and other social media sites.  Numerousarticles have been written on how using social media can help promote your brandimage and how it can generate web traffic for your main businesswebsite.

Keep in mind that that social media is a marketing tool and itis only effective when used properly to promote your business. The keyquestion for a business is “How is social media harnessed to generate realrevenue and customers?

Here are the 7 Business Development Marketing Tips for using Social Media: [Read complete article]
  1. Go where your customers are and not where you are comfortable
  2. Engage and interact
  3. Research your competitors’ activities
  4. Release offers and programs that are exclusive to your social media channels
  5. Social media participation requires authenticity and transparency
  6. Look for value opportunities in selling through social media
  7. Always test and refine based on results generated
Social media programs as a marketing channel are not exempt from testing and refining your messages and offers. You must make the effort to test, gather results and analyse how it can be improved before launching the program to the entire channel.

Apply these 7 Marketing Tips for using Social Media to give you the foundation for success building and growing your business using these communication channels.

I am sure many others can add to this list, share with us your own successes using social media!
7 Business Development Marketing Tips for Social Media

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