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Defining Target Markets Date: 26-Jun-2010

Put together a short description or profile of your ideal customer. Write it down and refine it, work with your team to identify the buying criteria used by your ideal customer. Once you have conceptualised your ideal customer it will help you prepare and personalise your marketing message to make it relevant and important to the intended recipients within your target markets.

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Define a Key Business Objective for Your Website Date: 26-Jun-2010

One of the major reasons why websites fail to contribute to the business is because there is no clear objective to measure, track and manage the results expected. Think of your website as your online business development channel - what is the key objective for the existence of your website - make you measure and manage the improvement of the results expected.

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Always provide a ‘Call to Action’ Date: 26-Jun-2010

Make sure every marketing message you prepare has a ‘call to action’ to tell your potential customers what they have to do to take up your offer. Make it very clear and do not assume they will know what to do. The same rule applies for any communications medium you use from broadcast media, print advertisement, flyers, brochures, direct mail, emails and even the different web pages of your online business presence.

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7 Point Checklist to Get Your Marketing Up to Speed Date: 26-Jun-2010

1. Get feedback from customers on your performance
2. Provide relevant and useful content for your offering
3. Engage with continuous communications via a variety of mediums
4. Create events to connect and extend relationships
5. Continually test different aspects of your marketing
6. Use offline marketing to support your online efforts
7. Measure and track the results of your marketing efforts

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